Municipal Law

Attorney Casey has been presenting and working with municipal boards for almost 30 years, making him one of the most experienced municipal lawyers in the area.

Cities and towns in the Commonwealth are empowered to regulate, protect and conserve municipal property. Since these regulations are passed at the local level, being well versed in the bylaws of one town does not necessarily carry over to the next, sometimes making compliance a difficult task.

Ed Casey City Council

Clients routinely seek Attorney Casey’s advice when dealing with:

  • Zoning Boards have considerable authority when it comes to regulating local property uses.  Not only do these boards enforce zoning bylaws, they can also grant exceptions for “nonconforming” uses. Simply put, just because your plans for a particular property do not conform to zoning regulations is not the end of the discussion.  Exceptions can be granted under a use variance or a special permit.  But applying for these exceptions can be a complicated task and traditionally requires presenting your case to the Board.
  • In Massachusetts, the Conservation Commission is dedicated to protecting local natural resources, including wetlands, water resources and wildlife.  Any activity that may potentially impact these resources are subject to the Committee’s jurisdiction. It is important to fully  understand any  potential environmental impacts as they can delay or even prevent development projects.
  • Planning Boards review applications for residential special permits; complete site plan reviews and have final say on all zoning amendments and rezoning petitions.

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