Probate Services

Settling the estate of a family member can be a daunting task.  It usually Greenbks with Willffbegins with a will being admitted to probate, but that is only the starting point. It is important to remember that probate cases can range from relatively clear to very complex. The process requires the estate be appraised,  payment of outstanding debts and the preparation of both federal and state estate and income tax returns.  This process requires
 knowledge of the Massachusetts Probate Code, tax and real estate law and potentially many other specialized fields. Subsequent procedures may also be required before the court will transfer the will’s assets to beneficiaries and close the estate.

For someone attempting it on their own, it may prove simply overwhelming. Attorney Casey has extensive experience in both probate law and the procedures necessary to settle an estate and makes it a point to work closely and collaboratively with family members throughout the settlement process.

Contact our office if you have a question or concern about the process.

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